Sept 2020 // Isabelle de Monestrol och Anders Lindblad


         Sept 2019 // Isabelle de Monestrol och Anders Lindblad

Presenterade abstrakts med data från CF-registret


European CF Society Conference, Lyon


North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference, Nashville

  • Physical exercise and lung function in Swedish children and adolescents with Cystic Fibrosis - a population-based study. Mårtensson M, Lundkvist Josenby A, Sahlberg M.

  • The national Swedish Cystic Fibrosis Registry is a useful tool for evaluation of Orkambi in a real-life setting. Hedborg A, Hollander A, de Monestrol I, Hjelte H, Lindberg U, Hansen C, Krantz C, Gilljam M, Lindblad A.

Adult Cystic Fibrosis International Workshop, Milano 

  • Fungal prevalence and diversity in Stockholm CF-center, a 16 years retrospective study. Al Shakirchi M, Klingspor L, Bergman P, Cedermark K, Hjelte L, de Monestrol I.

European CF Society Conference, Liverpool

  • Joint disease in Swedish patients with cystic fibrosis. Larsson M, Lindblad A, De Monestrol I, Krantz C, Lindberg U, Elidottir H, Megadimou V, Gilljam M.


European CF Society Conference, Belgrad 

  • Outcome of mental screening among Swedish adolesents with Cystic Fibrosis. Laine C, Bergenmar Ivarsson E, Larsson P.

  • Monitoring CF lung disease in school age Children with CT. Svedberg M, Gustafsson P, Lindblad A.

  • Presence of Candida dubliniensis in the Cystic Fibrosis respiratory tract was associated with a significant decline in lung function - results from a 16 years retrospective study. Al Shakirchi M, de Monestrol I, Hjelte L.